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Kim Duckworth

As a mother of three daughters (and three grandchildren), businesswoman, independent college admission coach, speaker and author, I have had the opportunity to get a unique perspective on parenting teens. For 12 years, my husband and I, owned and managed, Scottsdale Education Center - a college preparatory center that helps students with tutoring services, test preparation, interview preparation, and college admission services. We worked with over 1,200 families annually from a wide variety of middle schools and high schools. Families from public schools, private schools, Catholic schools, charter schools, online schools……many with different academic programs and philosophies. We saw middle schools that never assigned homework to students…..and consequently, the students ended up behind their counterparts. Homework is practice. If you don’t practice something, you can’t get better at it. Athletes know that. Musicians know that.

We saw high school juniors having books read to them in class rather than being asked to read them on their own, only to then score poorly in the reading sections of college admission tests. The more you read, the better you become at understanding the applied and inferred and nuanced parts of reading and the better you perform. We saw students at elite charter schools who began taking Chemistry, Biology and Physics in middle school, testing for the AP World History exam while in 8th grade (and many passing the exam with 4’s and 5’s.) This rigorous middle school approach fed into rigorous high school programs where students completed 15 AP level classes before they graduate high school. We’ve worked with middle school and high school International Baccalaureate Programs, Math and Science Magnate programs, Classics programs, dual enrollment programs, online programs and honors and standard track public high school curriculum. So, we got a diverse view of middle and high school curriculums and parenting styles that matched their school choices.

As a college admissions coach and member of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling, I have helped hundreds of students get into college. Many into highly selective colleges, for example Stanford, Columbia, Yale, Harvard, Brown, Dartmouth, Penn, West Point, the Naval Academy. And, many into other selective schools such as UCLA, USC, CAL, Michigan, Texas, TCU, NYU, and prestigious honors programs at Arizona instate colleges. I have seen what it takes to get into all levels of colleges and programs. I have witnessed the consistent themes that successful parents have embraced to launch successful high school students.

Dave Duckworth

Co-Founder of Bridge Education Center and the Parents, Are You Ready? Program.  I spent the first half of his career in high tech, Silicon Valley in sales and marketing executive roles having worked for such firms as IBM, HP and Sybase.  With a passion for entrepreneurship and a calling for helping young people, Kim and I launched a college preparation center in Scottsdale Arizona.  We transformed a tutoring center into a vibrant, successful business and community resource that hired over 200 teachers and supported over 15,000 families.  We specifically consulted with thousands of high school students to help them realize their true potential.  I am a graduate of Stanford University ‘79 with a BS in Information Systems.  I enjoy hiking, spending time with my three daughters and three grandchildren, and spending time in Telluride with my wife Kim.

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